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I have escaped to Scotland. In an ideal world, it would have been for three weeks and Lukas would be with me, possibly in a camper van or maybe cozy B&Bs. I am grateful that I at least had these three days to feel free. Things have certainly changed, I was flying with Raynair and I couldn’t care less. I didn’t even care if I had the aisle or the middle seat. I knew that I could read the whole flight and the only person I had to entertain was me. And just because, I had the aisle seat right at the front and the exit row on the way back. The Ryanair equivalent of winning the lottery. I have stayed with my old uni flatmate Lucy, who picked me up at the airport. The good banter in the car on the way home was a great start of the weekend. On the first morning we lazily got out and walked around her hood. Nostalgia for me, big time. I loved living in Scotland and when I left, it was highly emotional. So Lucy showed me around and I was admiring the architecture and just enjoyed walking freely, with no bags, no carriers, no prams. We stopped for a brunch, all the while in an uninterrupted conversation. Afterwards we made our way to Glasgow’s city center. Again, we just walked around, stopped for a coffee here and a dinner there, I had some whisky – of course. Good times. Finishing the evening off chatting on the couch and watching shit movies – two in a row!!! On Sunday we went out for a little hike and Tyler met us there. The weather was perfect, the nature was amazing. I felt so great and in my element. I could easily do a month of nothing but walking in the Scottish nature.

Afterwards we went to the coziest of Inns. I was contemplating asking to be sat next to a fireplace, but then I let it go and guess what? We got the table right next to the fireplace. I ordered exactly what I was craving for ages – cullen skink and of course another whisky. Ty came over to Lucy’s and we continued the easy breezy day into the evening. On Monday Lucy had to work, but I met my dear friend Kirsty, who was coincidentally working in Glasgow that day. And as if no time had passed, we chatted over coffee in a local roastery. I had my nails done (terribly) and then it was time to fly home. On the way to the airport I listened to podcasts and on the flight I finished Beyond the Wand – a must read for any Potter fans out there. I miss Scotland loads. I miss me being free and I definitely miss myself from back in the day.

I know that nothing lasts forever and I certainly wouldn’t change what happened. I know it’s not that easy to find that one person, who you’d want to spend the rest of your life with and raise humans with. It’s still ok so miss it, despite not wanting to change history. It’s still ok to miss it and at the same time be grateful for what you have. When I arrived in Prague, I took an uber straight to my friend Carla’s place. We talked for hours. Despite having to wake up at six am to catch a train back to family, we went to sleep long after midnight and I didn’t want the evening to end. Carla is one of my old high school friends. Recently I went to visit her and we laughed so hard we cried and couldn’t stop. It was a stupid fart joke, but the important thing was, I actually couldn’t remember the last time I laughed THIS much and so wholeheartedly. I don’t take it for granted. Lucy, Tyler, Carla. The friends I might not always keep in touch on a weekly basis, but when we do catch up, it’s awesome. I’m super grateful for this. This was the highlight from the end of last year, apart from some fun in the snow, which I might write about next time. Maybe. Baby. 

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