About me

I am Czech made, currently residing in the land down under. Foreign for here, foreign for home. I have left my homeland over ten years ago and recently I realised that the longest time I have spent at home was six months, just enough time to get myself a boyfriend from the same town.

I have graduated from a Hogwarts like University in the North of Scotland in economics.

I took one year to adventure out like crazy, during which I have climbed Kilimanjaro, swam with turtles in Zanzibar, travelled across small towns of Italy, climbed up some hills in Norway including the tip of Trolltunga, made it all the way to the ends of Tierra del Fuego and stood at the southernmost place of the Americas, slept near a penguin colony, rented an apartment in Buenos Aires just above the noisiest market, celebrated New Year’s on Copacabana, spent a whole month in Bolivia just because it was amazing. I got food poisoning in the Amazonian rainforest, I smoked a joint on a river with pink dolphins and then nearly got killed by caymans because we made a massive dent in the boat. I got into a fight on the Ecuadorian boarder, jumped off a bridge under an active volcano and surfed among jellyfish in the Atlantic ocean. I walked on the driest desert on earth, experienced all the colours of Colombia and witnessed Venezuela in times of peril.

After all this, I have returned to Scotland to start a very promising career in the O&G industry during which time, I explored the Scottish countryside. After that I unsuccessfully tried to move to Italy and then I have spent the above mentioned few months in the homeland, catching up with friends and family.

Faith (yes, I used this word) brought me to Australia. I haven’t forgotten to travel, we have camped through the Rockies in Canada, bullet trained through Japan and took slow buses through parts of South East Asia.

I even managed to explore the region of my new home visiting New Zealand twice, Tasmania, Sydney, Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road, the Whitsundays, Sunshine coast and so on.

I also fell in love with yoga and got my teaching certificate ॐ 

In 2019 our baby daughter Josefina Margot was born and I can safely say that I will never have a bigger adventure ♥ she’s my moon and stars. Objectively the most amazing and cleverest human on this planet. She also made me realise that up until now, life has been an easy cruise and that this is where real adulting starts.

In 2021 Sebastian Finn joined our family and with certainty the only other additions to the family will be dogs and a lot of plants. Just like his sister, he’s unbelievably amazing and a living proof that love is endless.

I try to be the best possible mum and not to take shortcuts, but I often find myself at wits’ end. I struggle to find time for creativity and for myself. I often feel lonely, yet I am never alone.

I often search for answers about whether women can have it all and what it’s like to be a parent, but also not forgetting about yourself. It took me a while to realise that it’s ok to write about it. It’s ok to share it. So you will see a lot of writing on raising a child across the whole world away from family.

Please enjoy this platform of nothing else but my thoughts, trials of creative writing and search of answers for my questions.

And remember, happiness is only real when shared.