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I strutted through the narrow almost European street, I looked for a coffee place to buy beans in. I couldn’t miss the one I chose since the line of people was standing right through the door and on the sidewalk. On a Monday morning! I mean that’s good ground coffee. I browsed through the bags of beans and picked the ones that came from Colombia and were roasted on my birthday. I could hardly go wrong with that choice and I was right, the coffee this morning tasted as good as the day I was born and felt as colourful as Colombia. The boy at the check-out counter asked me if I have my own grinder and aero press. Yes and yes. It’s not actually mine, but I use it. I have been turned to specialty coffee.

It always baffles me when at this stage in life I can change something about myself. I thought I knew all the right ways to drink coffee. I know how to make the right salad. I know how to do everything, please don’t teach me how to live my life! I have been here, I have been there, I did all of the things and stuff.  If anything, brushing your teeth before breakfast is silly if you ask me. Admitting that somebody’s way is so much better seems out of the question. But when it finally does happen and you manage to accept it, it feels so liberating. You allow somebody to change your life for the better. 

The One has managed. He not only introduced me to great coffee but to one of the biggest experts on coffee that our country has to offer. You can hardly argue with that. So I happily grind my coffee beans every morning and I take still take pleasure in my coffee, but now I know that it doesn’t happen at a press of a button and every cup has a different taste. Nothing worth having is instant, I know that much about life. And I thought the Italians had it right. 

The trip to the south coast was so much fun. Quick coffee at the end of the Geelong pier, few photos at the finish line of the Ironman and off we went to see one of the most beautiful natural sights, the Twelve Apostles. The next day we started off with a breakfast in the harbour and finished it on the Great Ocean Road. I loved the lunch at the picnic table. I can hardly wait to start exploring with him. I want the nights in the cars, I want camping, I want to sit around the fire place and watch the stars. I want to wake up cold and rush to pack the sleeping bags, I want to cook coffee on the hot plates at dawn still sleepy, but content and ready for the next adventure. I want to brush my teeth with water from a plastic bottle so we can kiss and kiss. I want all of it and forever. 

Melbourne was fantastic, I loved the city and I loved that it was a little bit chilly in the morning, I almost felt like I was back in the UK. Lunch at St.Kilda’s and a stroll and wind in the hair along the Brighton Beach huts and we were back on the plane. Short but sweet.


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