Snowy mountains, the toddler and corona

So after a year, we have finally ventured to the airport as a family. God it’s been a long time. I remember when we travelled last. Josefina couldn’t walk yet and run away from us as we were visiting all the wineries and breweries. Corona was already here, but I still thought that two months later I will be able to travel back home with no dramas. I even remember how cool it was to enjoy the Yarra Valley without crowds of tourist and do some gin tasting and wine tasting in peace. Aaaah alcohol tourism, it’s a thing, I am telling you. I am slapping myself for these thoughts now. Who could have thought it would last this long? Queensland might be roughly 20 times the size of my homeland and there’s about seven thousand times less cases of corona (this is just my estimate), but it doesn’t mean I feel any less trapped. I have not been in the same place for this long ever. I miss home, I miss new places, I miss exploring. I have a blue skies depression. I could do with the Scottish grey weather royal Deeside so badly right now.

Anyway the Snowy Mountains were fantastic. I don’t really love airports in general, but as I stepped into one this time I was like: taaadaaah, I am here face mask and all, ready to venture out. There have been a few differences since my last airport visit, significantly less people, the lounge now only offered packaged sandwiches instead of nice fresh toasties, fruits and other goodies. And of course we had to wear masks and this was the first time for me since the outbreak. Unlike a lot of people, I don’t really mind them and for us it was hiding a serious case of, hmm let’s say, sniffles as I don’t want to be arrested. Apart from this, it was business as usual.

Even thought, I have been living in Australia for over four years now, this was my first time in the capital. Canberra not Sydney, you know the ‘other’ capital. We really wanted to get to the mountains as soon as possible so we only did a drive through Canberra and the city felt kind of abstract. It might be that it’s been quiet due to the fact that people don’t travel there all the time as they are now able to work from home, however it was such a surreal made up city. I also couldn’t shake of the feeling that we are in the middle of the Capitol in Hunger Games, which was kind of cool.

Josefina was an angel passenger on the plane as well as in the car, where she slept for almost the whole two hours. Our first stop was at the pharmacy to replenish supplies. (I will tell you about our horrid January and beginning of February some other time) and then continued to Jindabyne Brewery for dinner and a beer, which was exactly what we needed. The setting sun and spectacular backdrop was a bonus. As well as the dogs that Josie cuddled, hugged, chased and at one point kissed with tongue. I tried stopping her, but it’s impossible.

The resort that we were staying at was beautiful, in the morning it was a bit misty, surrounded by nature and the kangaroos and deer came around for a stroll. It also had three trampolines, which gave me some chill time when Josie wanted “jumpiiin, mamis jumpiiiin” and in the middle was a beautiful lake.

On the first day we were so excited to be there, or just to be anywhere but Queensland, that we have set to go up to Kosciuszko, which is the tallest peak of Australia. Since we still were not feeling a 100% and are used to being at sea level, it was not the best idea and we probably should have given ourselves a day to adjust first. The toddler didn’t enjoy it, we both ended up really tired from carrying her and also ended up with a bit of a sun stroke.

So we dedicated rest of the days to chilling out. I swam in a fresh water lake, which was fantastic. We have spent a great afternoon at a distillery with beautiful grounds full of art. Josie got to taste the raspberries her lemonade was made out of and play with their chickens, it was such a cool place. We also went and looked at some horses and that was pretty much it. 

On our way back we stopped in Canberra for a great filter coffee before the flight and yes it was the reason why Lukas was speeding. Josie fell asleep on the plane and then it was back to GC. I really hope it doesn’t take this long to go for another trip. 

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