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Take my eyes, but not the shirt… and my freedom.

Long are the days when we could make fun of Antivaxx Oscar at the playground with my mum friends and jokingly tell our kids to steer clear of him. Jokingly because we knew that him not being vaccinated is not a danger to our kids, but only to Oscar himself. Yes, gone are the days when vaccinations could still be joked about. It’s a serious topic now and (at least here in Australia) you have to be for or against it. It’s that black and white. Except that it’s not. 

I have avoided this topic for a very long time, but I don’t think I can hold it anymore. I really feel like sharing my opinion, very well knowing that it will fall deep in the well with other millions of opinions that are much louder than mine. However after reading about the “freedoms” that will only be enjoyed by double vaccinated citizens, I have an urge to write something. 

No, it’s not black and white. It’s not for or against. It’s not a double jabbed person against a crazy hippie antivaxxer, who did his research while taking a morning shit on the toilet. 

It’s about everyone’s freedom. I believe that it should be up to every individual to decide if they want to inject their body. Yes, but it’s for the greater good, you might argue. I am yet to hear a compelling argument why the vaccines are for the greater good. When a vaccinated person can contract and spread the virus just as well as someone who has not had the jab. Looking at the statistics from the UK or Israel, they can die just as well. The only argument that made sense at all was that with the vaccine, the length of time of the virus in your body is shorter. Exploring that further, I found no evidence that proves it. So after some time, the only thing that’s very clear, is the fact that the vaccine will be good for some and not great for others. Especially bearing in mind that the beauty of statistics and data is that you can twist it any way you like, supporting your own argument.

Taking the science and health aside, what I still cannot get my head around is how people can get mad at someone, who does not want to get vaccinated, instead of getting mad at the authorities, who impose such rules, that your own freedom is dependent on somebody else’s decision and action instead of your own. 

You should always be lobbying against freedom being taken away not against people, who have taken opposite stance to you regarding their own health.

There’s not one single solution that will benefit every single individual and the fact that people might think there is completely baffles me. That would mean we are no individuals, just a herd of sheep.

For me, freedom being taken away is something I will always fight against instead of creating a polarised society where one is screaming louder than other. I don’t want to be in a homosexual relationship adopting a baby or have an abortion, but I will fight for anyone who wants to. No, I don’t want to join a rally of antivaxxers in the middle of pandemic, but it’s their goddamn right to do so. Being able to protest against something that you disagree with is a basic pillar of democracy. Punishing the protesters, closing the borders and separating the families is not constitutional and definitely not democratic.

Most importantly, it’s always good to ask who ultimately is making money out of either decision. An interesting statistic is looking at the world wealth distribution and how Covid has changed this. What do you think of that? 

So yes, I am angry. I am angry at the fact that both parties are convinced that they are the ones who know what’s the best thing to do. I am angry that you are not able to have a normal discussion. I am angry that people are missing what’s happening behind the scenes. I am angry that a very handful of people are making a shitload of money out of other people’s suffering. I am angry that, as a healthy individual, I should be forced into one option or other with my freedom being dangled in front of my face as a carrot and a restriction of movement lurking behind my back as a whip. 

I know that if I get more philosophical, it’s just another thing that we cannot decide for ourself anymore. Just another freedom restriction along with plenty of others that I don’t even think about because they have been here for so long. I know that if travel and seeing my family would not be an issue for me personally, it would not mean as much, but it is important and I don’t feel comfortable being forced into one thing or another. 

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