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It’s been a year since our fake wedding. Maybe I shouldn’t say fake wedding. It’s been a year since we were supposed to become husband and wife. I never really was the type who imagined a big grand wedding with a beautiful dress and a massive party. With Lukas I just really wanted to be his wife. Suddenly all these things I would say in our wedding wows started to pop into my head and I started to day dream about our first dance. I practiced what it would be like to sign his name. We knew that we wanted this party to be back in Europe to get the most of our family and friends there, as Lukas said: it’s the only occasion that people will travel to. So we started planning it and started to look forward to it, we sent out the invitations, we got an awesome chef and photographer and picked out the place and then covid happened. Our wonderful friends here on the Gold Coast decided that it won’t be a day that we will be sad about and instead they planned a little wedding ceremony for us here on the Beach and it was just perfect and beautiful, so beautiful in fact that I wouldn’t mind this being the real thing. Not that it stops us from being a complete family. This was when the real wedding finally happens, it will be all four of us there me, Lukas, Josie and Sebastian. Who knows, maybe we will have a dog by then.

This is what Lisa wrote for us: 

Once upon a time from a far away land, came Tereza and Lukas to our world, which was rather grand!

Tereza, we met in the sacred east wing stairwell of Lavarack road.

Just prior, I had bumped into Lukas there, with Saga inside my apartment accidentally stowed.

Before long, we were living the dream.

It was like an episode of the Friends kinda scene.

That stairwell became the meeting point on many occasions,

long chats, wine or coffee didn’t need much persuasions.

A gentle knock of the door was always a delight,

maybe for a breakfast, lunch or dinner invite?

Some days just blurred into a mixture of all three and sometimes Te te and Lukey would just come over with a pot of green tea.

Getting help from my neighbours was never far, for retrieving my child in a locked house or car.

Thanks to you a little training group was invented,

and from that some awesome friendships were fermented.

Handstands and yoga were often practised with laughs and giggles,

sometimes in underwear while baby Saga watched the wiggles.

A neighbour and friend who was more like a sister,

oh how lucky you are Lukas to get to be her mister.

Then all of a sudden a beautiful bump you grew and into the world little Josie flew!

Every night we listened for even the faintest noise or peeps,

however being such wonderful parents, you had her in the deepest of sleeps.

Saga was smitten “it’s my baby sister” she would say, I want to hold her in my lap for a while if I may?

Special occasions like Christmas we celebrated together and who could forget Lukas’ push-up efforts in the hot summer weather!!

Tereza you’re beautiful inside and out and with brains to go with there is just no doubt.

Brave, sweet and funny you definitely are, for a more loyal friend one would have to look far!

It only took a global pandemic for us to finally start running, chatting about the woes of the world, 

and more importantly how we could make our butts more stunning.

Moving from Lavarack road was really awful my friends, but that’s not where this fairytale ends!

Such a wonderful beautiful and well matched couple you are,

and we look forward to memories in the future whether they’re happy, sad or just bizarre!

So may I propose a toast to Lukas and Tereza, who I just adore the most.

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