Baby Inventory

First of all, I just want to say that the life of influencers and mum bloggers must be really hard because I don’t even know how to take a good photo. For one thing I should have probably ironed my bed sheets if I wanted to use them as canvas. Let’s be honest though, life is too short to do any ironing at all. Unfortunately I know that good photo content is a big part of this, maybe one day.

Unlike with our first born Josie, who had a perfect nursery set up and handmade baby bunting, I didn’t have the space nor time for too much baby prep. I also had most of it ready from last time and in terms of baby clothes I just swapped girl baby clothes for boy baby clothes with my girlfriends and I didn’t have to buy a thing. Nappies we will just reuse as planned and in terms of everything else, well you don’t really need all that much.

However there were some things that I really wanted. Especially the ones that will be in the living room as I will have to be looking at them all them time. I am also the kind of person who loves things organised nicely and neatly at the best of times, adding the nesting syndrome on top and I was in a state of anxiety because I just couldn’t get anything ready until I was finally on maternity leave.

Here’s an all natural rubber dummy, the same one we have used for Josie.
A baby nest, which I found on Marketplace. Josie just spent most of her time on a blanket on the carpet, but she was a summer baby and I thought this would be more appropriate.
Nappy bag. We didn’t really have one last time and now that I will be lugging two kids around, I thought I need a bit more space for all the snacks and cloths.
Moses basket. Probably something that’s not needed at all, but I liked the idea of having it in the living room as an extra place to nap.
This specific baby book from Write to Me I have wanted since I first became pregnant with Josie, but I thought it was too expensive. To this day I regret not getting it first time around.
This is a handmade pram liner from Etsy. Again something that I didn’t really need at all, but only wanted. I am also getting a new canopy for the pram so it will feel like new again. In my head I will spend a lot of time walking and getting back into shape, although I can already see it’s a naive image.
Pram organiser. Something that I was missing so much first time around. Why did I never go around to getting one? You need it for your phone, for your keep cup, for your keys, just everything that you don’t want to constantly be searching for in the pram basket.
A new change table cover. Definitely did not need this one, call me old fashioned but I didn’t feel like reusing the pink one for a boy.
It took me a little while to find the perfect baby mat that didn’t offend me with its design, would suit the living room and didn’t cost a few hundred bucks. I think I did a good job finding this one.

I know it will be so different this time around and so far from perfect, but hopefully more fun as the love will multiply. I know I don’t often come across as mother of the year (event though I am technically mother Teresa) and I do often talk about how I miss freedom and my own space, but I do love Josefina more than life and I genuinely think she’s the most incredible human being. The emotions she does bring up in me cannot be compared to anything other in the world. Despite hating being pregnant, despite not having held him in my arms yet, I can already feel intense love and I love babies. I loved the newborn stage the first time around and I am just praying it will be as beautiful as last time.

Two weeks to go. In the background you can see the baby drawers we had to buy for extra space, bassinet/baby cot that will last at least 7 months and in it you can see a packed hospital bag and an overnight bag for Josie.


  • Viktorie
    July 13, 2021 at 4:14 pm

    Hi there!
    I must say that getting a nappy bag that also counts as a pram organizer really was one of my best buys. Still helps me a lot (with our toddler climbing in and out the stroller never minding me drinking coffee or looking for his hat) and when unhooked it can be carried around as a nice shoulder bag.
    Nice and reasonable list, Terez, I’m saving this for the second nesting time! 🙂

    • tereza
      July 13, 2021 at 7:41 pm

      Ty jsi zlato! <3
      I really missed the pram organiser with Josie and still to this day because she's a pram toddler - lazy as, don't know who she gets it from 😀 but it's probably because that last time I was working as a yoga teacher and I was on such a tight budged I didn't really buy much in general, which only shows how little you need for babies and how most of it is just marketing and easy one at that as mums to be are hormonal.


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