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What I would love for my daughter

I would love for her to study because she wants the knowledge not the degree. I would love for her to go into a field of work because she is genuinely interested in it and wants to make a difference rather than because it’s where she will make the most money. I would like her to judge people based on how kind they are to other people and animals not how important they are. I don’t want her to define her worth by how much money she’s made, how many countries she’s been to or how many people liked her photos but rather by whether she’s making the world a better place. I would like her definition of success to be whether she wakes up happy in the morning surrounded by the people who love her and care for her rather than where she’s climbed up to in the corporate ladder. I want her to live free of these definitions that were so deeply imprinted in me. I want her to stand her ground in a world where she will be pushed around. I want her to know there’s strength in being quiet in the world that does not shut up. Most importantly I want her to know that she can always get a hug from me without questions, without judgement. Sounds impossible, but I will try. 

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