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Parenthood, vanity and the environment

I was walking in the park and the old song Life from Desree came up and I felt like skipping and dance walking so I did, after a cautious glance over my shoulder. Boy why have we created so many restrictions for ourselves? The other day we went to the beach with Lisa and Sagababy and she was just exhibiting her rudie nudie bum for all the world to see and I thought, it would be so liberating if I could just run into the sea with my bare bum and just splash around. I can’t though, I am a mother now and I don’t want someone to take my baby away from me haha.

The lyrics of the song say that she a superstitious girl, who never walks under ladders. I have always been superstitious, but now I am even more so. I am so worried something will change. I knock on wood probably every day. Never have I ever imagined that I could be so absolutely content being a mum. I swear to god, the happiness hormones dose is better than any drugs. It’s like falling in love with even more emotions. So as you can probably imagine, I have just been doing the mum thing in the last three and a half months. And it’s wonderfully fulfilling.

Now that I am around a baby most of the time. A few people have exclaimed they wished they were a baby. They all had different reasons, mostly the idea of being carried around was especially appealing. My neighbour and closest friend here in the land down under Lisa, took the fantasy even further. She was telling me: Imagine someone’s goal is your absolute wellbeing. I wish somebody would be like “you look a little tired, do you want to take a nap?” Then put me to sleep and when I start waking up, they would be like “no not yet shh, keep sleeping.” Or: “You might be hungry do you want a little snack?” Haha come to think of it, it sounds great. Being a baby can be really hard though, you have got all the growing up to do. It’s also unbelievably frustrating when you are trying to put the dummy in your mouth, but forget your fingers there and pull it out again as you move your hand. So you know, there’s pros and cons to everything.

Definitely having the infant has made me a lot of random friends in a lot of different places. I have been told that Josie is so beautiful maybe a hundred times. I have not gone to a single shop without someone talking to her or me, asking me how old she is, what her name is and maybe that they want one of their own. I don’t know if it’s an Aussie thing and if they tell all the babies they are beautiful, but as a proud mother, I would like to think that my one is especially amazing.

So far it’s been smooth sailing. Knock on wood – see there it is! Everyone keeps telling me that it will get much harder lalala and it probably will, but so far it’s definitely been one of the better jobs I had. I mean I am a bit tired, but that’s probably because I was used to the nine undisturbed hours of sleep every day. I am definitely not more tired than when I was working for the hellish Commonwealth Games. Josie cried for the first time when she was 11 weeks, someone called her a unicorn baby. Obviously I love that expression. She is a good girl, let’s leave it at that.

And since there are no troubles in the paradise, I have all this time on my hands to concentrate on myself and my vanity. Whilst a lot of people can tell you a lot of things about you, it’s only your personal feeling and opinion that matters. There will be people who are most content and beautiful with curvy hips and heavy bosom. I am not one of them. I have been chubby before and it doesn’t agree with me. I like to be skinny to feel 100% myself. I am not gonna lie, as I was not enjoying being pregnant, I am not enjoying the post baby body. I am still kind to myself, I go with the flow, breastfeeding and all, but I do miss having a toned belly. They did say that this will be the last thing on your mind once you have the baby, it’s not. However saying that, I do feel that things are slowly starting to turn around now that it’s over three months postpartum. I definitely feel like my core strength is returning and my yoga practice is almost like before if not better in some cases.

I did want to talk about the environment, low waste living and our minimalistic household – hence the title. But now that I am actually typing, I feel like talking about a different environment, the place where we live, the house, the street and neighbourhood. I believe that apart from good relationships with your partner, friends and family, good health and general good quality of living, one other thing is important for happiness – community life. Already when I started to watch Cougar Town back in the first year of university, I always thought how amazing it is to have great friends as your neighbours, I imagined what would it be like to have that one girlfriend that you can have coffee with in your pjs. Let’s face it, slumber parties are a thing of a past when you become an adult. I know it’s sad, but that’s the way it is. And having that one neighbour friend can almost make it feel like you have slumber party. And lately it’s happened so many times that my girlfriends just came over and we were cooking a dinner together, then Lukas came from work and we were all jolly and lived happily ever after. Alright, I know I am making this sound like a B rated romantic movie, but it really was like that I swear. Double pinkie swear. In all honesty though, even in my “about” section of this blog, I talk about how I am homesick because I don’t know where my home is, but for the first time ever I feel like at home. Maybe it’s the relationship, maybe it’s the baby, maybe that’s what family is actually about. However I have never known my neighbours by name, but now I know what they do, who their family members are, what their jobs are, we talk on the sidewalk and in the stairwell. The other day we had dinner and wine. And that’s just the regular neighbours, in the case of Lisa, she actually became the closest person I have here, I trust her with everything. Apart from wonderful neighbours, I do enjoy a great community when I go to bootcamp, where I have made real friends. When I teach mums and bubs yoga or when I go to my own yoga practice which coincidentally is only 220m away because we are probably in the best neighbourhood ever. Speaking of the yogi family, my friend Laura and her boyfriend Nate took us to the most amazing forest retreat in the national park and it was a paradise. A hot tub on the terrace, nature views to die for, forest walks, yoga, good food, good wine. The only problem was that we couldn’t stay there forever.

Remember when I used to complain about things all the time? Yeah I bet lot more people read my blog. Fuck it who cares, I am happy. Not instagram happy, just happy.


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