Tasmania and New Zealand

Every since returning to Gold Coast from my European holidays I have been teaching yoga, working on the Lisa Maria Movement boot camp and yoga, I have been busy with my mom and my little brother who came to visit and did countless of admin and property management for Lukas. Still trying to find work of course. Having been pregnant already, I was looking for a part time job and something that would be easy to leave in the next six months. Unfortunately I was not so lucky so I ended up with a lot of free time on my hands. Something that I am not usually so familiar with. 

Thanks to this I was able to accompany Luky to Tasmania for a short business trip and it was amazing. I just love this part of the world. The nature is so much closer to my heart than what you usually encounter on the Gold Coast. I mean beaches are great, but in heart I am just a mountain girl. I love the mountains so much and hiking too! At five months pregnant I still did really well, two half day hikes with no issues. Beautiful views and weather. I did not enjoy the fact that I couldn’t eat fresh oysters from Oyster Bay like like last year with Dominika and Radek or drink wine, but it was still good enough. Just a few weeks after we travelled to New Zealand, North Island this time. And unfortunately that was a different story. We planned this busy travel holidays before I was knocked up and I must have said like hundred times that I wish we went for a spa holidays instead. It was so much harder to spend time in the car and I just didn’t want to go for another walk. We still did and I even managed one that was nearly vertical. But I didn’t enjoy it as much as I normally would. Also the North Island is just not as beautiful as the South one and the food was dreadful! I really need good food to enjoy life. In general, at home or when travelling, good food is of great essence. I don’t mean fine dining, of course, I will be delighted if we come across brilliant home made steak pie bistro, but unfortunately we didn’t. At one point we even had KFC, which made me so sick, I swore I will never eat there again in my life. Not to mention it was disgusting. To thoroughly enjoy holidays you need good company, good surroundings and good food. And it doesn’t matter if the food is cooked on fire at a campsite or by an excellent chef. 

Luky showed me a lots of places which he visited when he was young and living abroad for the first time and he also took me to places where he raced. Funny how NZ is a small country so far away from ours, but it has changed our lives. When I was about 8 years old, my dad has decided to travel there for six months to learn English, this experience has shaped our family life significantly. If it wasn’t for this, maybe we would have never lived the states, maybe I would never be fluent in English at the age of ten, maybe I would have never gotten the scholarship to a British high school, I would have never made it to Scotland. Maybe if I have stayed in my hometown high school, I would have never become a motivated person. Who knows. When he returned from NZ, young Luky came to visit and listened to my dad’s adventures and on the way from our house, he bought a one way ticket there. With hundred dollars in his pocket, this marked the beginning of his amazing adventures around the world. Of course, it was another 20 years before we went there together for the first time, but I still feel this place is somehow significant to our lives. 

I was happy when we finally made it to Auckland though. I really wanted to stay in Devonport because from last time, I remembered it being my favourite part of Auckland. We finally had some good food and good coffee. We were planning to take a boat to the centre, but I saw the city centre in the distance, I saw the boat and I made that face. That “I am tired of adventures this year” face and we just enjoyed a wonderful afternoon strolling through Devonport and then chilling in our beautiful airbnb. 

The next day, I was happy to return back to our comfortable home. 

We have been planning a Christmas holidays, bold plans like driving all the way to Airlie Beach or maybe the Blue Mountains. I asked if we can stay in one place instead. So for the first time in the last ten years almost, I didn’t have to travel anywhere for Christmas and it’s amazing! 

I must say we have really enjoyed our Christmas, only doing what we really wanted. Stand up paddle boarding, jumping into the sea, swimming, yoga, lunch at our favourite restaurants, BBQs with friends and we finally managed to book in for a massage. 

And this briefly sums up our year. It’s been a good one. I am obviously super excited for next year and the tiny hands, and tiny feet, and tiny little nose and a tiny cute butt and finally getting to use the tiny little socks that I bought. Looking forward to it so much! Still adamant not to lose freedom and the lifestyle that we have managed to build living together. 

We will be spending New Year’s Eve with our beautiful friends Nate and Laura, eating good food and maybe watching fireworks from our beach. Wouldn’t have it any other way. And as for New Year’s Resolutions? I want to keep surrounding myself with smart, sincere and mindful friends that are fun. And while I realise our life will be changing significantly, I hope that we will still find quality time for each other with Luky. There’s so many people that vowed to spend their lives with each other and they end up living them separately only joined together by a single household and bed, their conversations limited to household chores and kids. I do realise I might be blinded by nappies and milk for a while, but I still want to remember to discuss ideas, future, politics, sustainability and travel and kiss my partner like he’s the most significant person in the world. It goes without saying I want to keep practicing and teaching yoga whenever possible. I want to continue living sustainably and making good changes and I want to teach the right values to our child. And that’s a wrap my friends. See you in 2019. Happy New Year! 

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