Sydney Baby!

Sydney was awesome, as much as I prefer nature and mountains
at all times, it’s always great to go on a nice city break. We arrived into a
cold and drizzly morning and I pulled out my winter jacket and got immediately
asked by Luky’s boss if I am going skiing. Hey, having moved to the Gold Coast,
the burning hell it was in January, I am definitely not used to the cold
weather anymore.

I met with my friend Karolina for brunch. It was such a nice
coincidence that she was in Sydney at that time and the day with her was super
quick. Brunch in Social Brew Café was excellent, just in case you are in
Pyrmont, Sydney. She took me around Darling Harbour and showed me all the views
of Sydney Opera House. After a long walk we stopped for a well-deserved
sparkling and cake. This combination should happen every weekend I tell you. We
had a nice chat about work and life in general. Our generation of millennials
is crazy entitled. Out of all of my friends, literally no one is happy with their
job and if they are happy with their job, it’s the location that sucks. And
it’s not friends that would be stuck in their hometown, it’s the educated
multilingual people that are in the UK, Malta, US or Colombia even.

We walked through the botanical gardens, but I was so cold
the whole time we needed to go to the shops and buy me a jacket. Lululemon is a
brand I shouldn’t have discovered because I am in love now. I definitely need
their yoga mat. The shops were where all of Sydney was hiding. The whole time I
kept thinking how empty and chilled out it was. Turns out everyone was just

When we were in the Uber that morning chatting with the
driver, Luky was saying that he likes Sydney for like a day, but after it just
gets too busy and it’s full of people. The driver said that you just have to
expect that from the capital. Actually he said: Look mate yous gotta expect
that from the capital. He probably meant the state capital, but come to think
of it, Canberra really is the most forgotten capital of all times, except maybe
for Brasilia.

After we said our quick goodbyes with Karolina, I jumped
into the shower at the hotel and put on all the warm clothes (including the new
LL jacket) I had and ran back to the Darling Harbour where I met Luky and his
colleagues. We boarded a beautiful yacht and sailed out. It was the perfect
evening (despite the light drizzle) because of the light festival. Looking at
the lights projected on the Opera House was one of the strongest experiences since
arriving to Australia. I mean it’s the Opera House!!! I don’t know why but
seeing this landmark in real life was just awesome. We sat on the bow of the
boat while going under the bridge at night, pretty cool. However I was happy to
get of the boat and go back to the hotel when we arrived back at the harbour
because I was definitely ready for bed, having to wake up at 4.30 in the
morning and not being smart enough to wear like five pairs of woolly socks when
entering the boat.

The next day, after a solid breakfast, we took the ferry to
manly beach, which to be fair was not impressive, but that didn’t stop us from
enjoying the day, walking around and drinking coffee. We took the ferry back
trying to get the best shot of the Opera House. And then we walked all the way
back stopping for Vietnamese food on the way. It was just the best day and we
had a lot of fun but before I knew it we were back in the plane taking us to
the Gold Coast.

To the perfect weather on the Gold Coast, if this is winter
I am loving it. So what’s on this weekend? I don’t know maybe just yoga,
running and swimming. Some fairy also needs to clean the flat. Big kiss.

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